Every child dreams of owning a bike. A bike brings a board smile on a child’s innocent face. As a kid I was also fascinated by bikes but belonging to a lower middle class bike for a child was out of budget. I simply used to stand by the window of my house and used to count how many cycles went up and down. My parents knew about my dreams of owning my own bike. It was my 8th birthday. I woke up by the sound of bell ringing. That sound was like a sweet music to my ears. I got up and went new the window. I saw my brand new shiny bike, decorated with ribbons and balloons. I simply ran outside with a huge smile bigger than my face.

My heart was beating as fast as I was so happy that my dream finally came true. I saw my father standing there waiting for me. It was the biggest surprise of my life at that time. I thought it was a dream and I pinched myself, No, it wasn’t a dream. It was there, right there waiting for me. My parents had worked extra hours and saved that money for buying me a bike. My parents had tears in their eyes. They were so happy to see me happy and excited. I was jumping with endless joy and happiness. It was another feather for my bike career dream.


My father gave me the keys of the bike and wished me. There was a small cake sitting on the bike carrier with candles to be blown by me. I couldn’t stop thanking and hugging my parents. Even at that tender age I had the realization of their hard work, love and sacrifices they had made for me. I just could not wait to sit on my new bike. My father helped me sit on the seat. He picked the cake from the carrier and made me blow the candles and cut the cake right there. After that I placed my feet on the paddle and pushed the bike forward.

It slowly moved on the road. As I pushed the paddle harder it gained speed. I was getting the feeling as if I was floating in the air. I was chuckling, laughing, yelling, and shrieking with joy.


It was the most wonderful experience of my life. Riding my own new bike I still treasure that bike in my backyard. Now my kids ride it with affection and tender care of my bike as they understand my emotional attachment to that bike.

Bike Career – For The Love Of Bikes

Normally everyone knows how to ride a bike. It is one of the earliest adventures with a taste of independence, self reliance freedom and enlightenment. All these emotions together bring out the personality and confidence in a child which is very helpful and valuable for their future.

My favorite mode of transport

But here I am sharing my experience on a motorbike and not a bicycle. I am lucky to get a chance of living in my city. This city is rich in its ancient traditions and culture. People residing here are of a mixed personality of traditions and modernism. They are both religious and adventurous. As people are simple with high thinking they don’t believe in pomp and show. I am very lucky to have spent some time of my life in my city.

I have made many good friends there with who I am still in touch. During small vacations between works we used to plan for long distance bike rides. We were six friends. We used to take our own bikes. Pack the basic required things in a back pack and tied it on the bike carrier.
With the bike fuel tank full we used to start early in the morning. Oh! I forgot to tell you, we are going to nearby city this time and I am holding my baggage on my new bike stand that my parents gifted me recently. The journey is going to take three and a half hours by bike. We want to be safe and follow all the traffic rules so we wore our helmets. After leaving the city behind we reached the ECR that is East Coast Road. The beautiful sunrise and sea on our left side created beautiful scenery. The cool sea breeze blowing a few clouds here and there in the sky was a mesmerizing view. The six bikes turning smoothly on this beautiful ECR was an eye catching view too. On the midway we stopped by for a break in nearby on the way, which is famous for its sea shore places. We spent some time on the beach and enjoyed the sea shore sceneries. After spending more than an hour there we again continued with our journey. On the way we saw a nuclear research centre. Local people are not allowed to enter there as it is a restricted area because of security reasons. The weather on the way to the destination was so pleasant that we did not feel any tiredness even after completing the journey.

Beautiful experience

We spent the whole day visiting these places. By the end of the day we were tired and rented a hotel’s room to relax and sleep over. It was one of the best places that I have been to. I must say, the bike carrier that my parents got me was of great help as it held my baggage very tight all through the journey which I must say was a bit rough. It had its part in making my journey successful.

Why Use Bike Carrier?

Cycling made my life easy and enthusiastic. It allowed me to ride my bikes in between vehicles even during heavy traffic; indoor bike trainer helped me to do exercise and also gave me the utmost pleasure to ride and lots more. I often found it as a daunting task to take it with me on the car during long distances travel, so as suggested by one of my friend I thought of installing bike carrier. The bike racks can be placed in various methods to save space. I am really glad that this carrier helped me a lot in many ways.

Benefits of using bike racks

I found Bike racks for cars are really beneficial. It is very convenient, previously to bring bikes I had to separate the parts of it and was truly very difficult for me to get it in my cars. Wheels of my bike was large and hence had to be removed to fit it inside the car. I had to disassemble prior leaving the place and again assemble it on arriving to the desired destination; this task was frustrating me a lot. The vital thing about these racks is they are very easy and suitable to use. I can now just effortlessly put my bike on them.

Bike carrier also makes it easy to travel with bikes. I am thankful for its manufacturers who have formed different kinds of racks, and all of them are available at affordable rates. The bike rack that I used was very easy for installation and allowed me to make the most of space we had. The best kind of bike stand made my travelling with my bike less daunting and challenging. I chose to have a stationary bike stand mounted on the hitch of the trailer. The vital benefit that I had after installing rack is I was no longer required to share my bike’s space with my family in the car.

Different types of bike racks

There are various kinds of bike racks for cars, and I was in a dilemma to which one to choose for my car. Thanks to retailer who helped me in this matter. He explained the benefits and limitations of each and every type of bike racks, and made me choose the best one suiting my car and other requirements. One of the popular bike racks is hitch mount racks. These racks hold best on the top tube of the bike and with the wheels suspended in the air. I used this as I came to know that it is very advantageous and the bike can be easily loaded, and they also don’t cause any drag. The other common types of racks are the rooftop racks which are ideal for those vehicles with a rooftop luggage rack or cross bars. There are also various other kinds of bike racks such as trunk mounts, truck bed, spare tire mount and it is best to consider your car model and choose the best one. As a biker myself, I juts love to bike, but I found my local area to get awfully boring after while. Thankfully for bike racks, I am now able to transform my vehicle with the aid of bike carrier. I found this device to be very effective to transport my bicycles. I often take my bike along with me camping, and the carrier allows me to carry my bike easily despite the fact that the rear of my car is full of luggage. I frequently find astonishing trails in the mountains which I probably would not have discovered if I had stayed around my suburban neighborhood! I truly appreciate having the best carrier for my bicycle.